Thursday, February 1, 2007

A Short Lesson

I want to teach Drivers Education. Not all of it, I just want about ten minutes of every class. I'll even film my presentation so it can be put on DVD and computer and watched in every class in the state.

I want to teach people what to do when an emergency vehicle comes up behind them. Let me give you the basic overview.

Let's start with the very basics and move onto progressively more complicated situations.

If you are driving on a two-lane road (one lane going in each direction) and an emergency vehicle appears in your rear view mirror, move over to the right as far as is safely possible. It may be only a few inches, it may be that you can move completely over onto a wide shoulder of the road.

If you are on a multiple lane road think before you move. Emergency vehicle drivers like to
pass on your left side when traffic is moving. If traffic is moving, safely change lanes to the right, and allow the flashing lights to pass. If for some reason the emergency vehicle is not in the left lane, or they stay in the lane behind you it means that they need to be in this lane, or that the accident they are going to is on this side. Don't ever pull in front of an emergency vehicle.

If you are on a multiple lane road and traffic is not moving your goal is not to be in front of the emergency vehicle. If traffic is not moving forward, and you are in the left lane but the emergency vehicle is in the right lane, you have accomplished your goal of not being in front of it. When traffic is not moving the emergency vehicle driver will determine the best lane for him or her to be in. Whatever lane that is, get into another.

If you are sitting still at a stop light or intersection, look and see what is gong on. If there is an open lane, do not pull into it just so you can pull right. Open lanes are good things. Leave them the hell alone.

And just for your information, it is against the law to pass an emergency vehicle when it is driving with it's warning devices. It's dangerous for everybody and a hell of a nuisance for us.

Be safe
Be careful
Be smart

Mr Fixit


Bryan_Bracamonte said...

One that I heard from the local PD. If you are in the left hand lane on a four lane round, do not pull into th on coming traffic lane if you are not able to pull to the right (right lane that is).

The PD states that they'll cross the double yellows since they have the sirens and flashing lights.

Still true?

Mr. Fixit said...

I would never advise anyone to pull into oncomming traffic. We'll find a way around.

The main thing is that everyone goes home when they get off duty.

Rabbit said...

Geez, I get flack for pulling over to the right curb and slowing/stopping on divided roads for oncoming EV's all the time.

I guess you never escape a rural upbringing.

On a similar note, Incubus 1 was to take the test today for his Class B so he can drive the pumper. Last night he grinned that they'd asked him to show up early at the station to drive it to the DMV, since nobody else wanted to get up early.


Z-28 SS said...

Let it be known, I am Very Sorry for passing that ambulance back in the 80s on I-20!!!!! Its just that we were between cities and he was going at least 20-30 mph slower then me....

I will also TRY not to pass funeral processions anymore....

Can I still pass the cops and the suspect during the (so called) High Speed Pursuit? Or do I have to stay behind them, even if they are slowing me down?