Friday, February 23, 2007

OK, I'll Do It

As my Grandfather used to say when he was frustrated- "Well, hell."

Who can we get to run for president? By we, I mean the normal, everyday people. Those of us who are not socialists, moonbats or trying to force our opinions on others.

I don't see anybody on the horizon.

Over on Tamara's blog
, I read a few comments that made me say "Hmmm."
BobG says: The Republican party has a prime opportunity here; they could run a decent candidate and have a good chance of winning. So why the hell can't they come up with someone better than Giuliani and McCain?

To which Tam asks: Really, though, would the world come to an end if None Of The Above were to serve out a four year term?

B&N replied: I've been saying it for at least a couple of years now, if the Elephant wants to keep the White House in '08, they need to put an empty suit up for POTUS, and stick Condi in the Veep spot.

Hmmm, a decent candidate, none of the above, an empty suit.

OK, I'll do it.
How do I throw my hat into the ring? Where is the ring anyway?

I think I could do it. How bad could I make it? I promise only to keep the Senate and House tied up so they can't get any new laws passed.

I promise not to make a major decision until I have asked the opinion of a street cop, an elementary school teacher, a single mother, a small business owner, and one retiree.
I'll call one of each once per decision. Maybe have a blog and have them leave their contact info so I can choose who to call each decision. I'll pick who to call. No stacking the deck.

I think I could do an Executive Order to force all bills filed in the congress to be understandable and explainable by a Junior High School student. If they read it and don't understand it, back it goes to be re-written.

Well, that's just a beginning.

Spread the word!

Mr Fixit to Fix it!


Ambulance Driver said...

You got my vote!

BobG said...

Sounds as good as anybody else.

DW said...

Hell, my cat could do a better job than the greedy bastards running now! At least they sleep out of the way, and don't talk too much.