Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Thoughts on Fire/EMS/Police

I've been thinking more about Ambulance Drivers blog entry concerning the similarities and differences in Fire/EMS/Police.

I was reminded of something that happened to me:

I was driving the engine at our station one day. We were dispatched to a major accident. As we pulled out onto the approach, we had to wait for a female in a white car. She wasn't paying attention, and only stopped after she passed the station. We pulled out with lights and siren, and while going down the road, she passed us.

Dirty words were spoken. The captain and I fought for the air horn. She was slowed down by traffic so was passed her. She zoomed over and passed us again. My captain was livid! He used words that I think he made up. I yelled at her.

You see, the problem is that her little car can maneuver and zoom in and out of lanes, but she could cut us off or leave us with no lane to get into if something happened, and thirty-thousand pound fire engines don't stop like a little car. The fact was she was endangering us, and those around us.

As we approached an intersection, she was caught at the light. We ran the light and turned left. Within the block she caught us and passed us again!

As we approached the accident, traffic was shut down to one lane. She wasn't in it. She got caught in the left lane, we blocked the only lane that was open, and she was stuck. As my captain got out he saw one of the patrol officers. He yelled to him and pointed at her and said "She needs a ticket!"

I'm not sure if it was the look on his face, or the fact that that particular policeman was a friend of ours and frequently came by the station, but he said "OK". He pointed at her and had her pull into the parking lot and get out her license and insurance papers.

We proceeded to work the wreck. We got everybody sorted out and those that needed it headed to the hospital in the ambulance. We were cleaning the fluids and sweeping the debris from the road.

I think we had been on scene about five or ten minutes when things had settled down. The officer calmly walked over to us. He had his clipboard out, with her license and insurance on it. He had his ticket book, with a partially filled out ticket on it. He leaned over and asked "So, what am I giving her a ticket for?"

My captain told him about her driving. He said "OK", and walked back over to her filling out the ticket.

He ate lunch for free the next time he came by the station.

Mr Fixit

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