Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dispatch, Show This Unit Out of Service for Maintenance

That would be me folks. It seems "the bug" has got me. It may be bird flu. Or it may be that same shit that's been going around the school with the kids.

Either way, I got it. And I feel bad enough that I can't even come up with a humorous way to tell you.

My wife has been after me to go to the Doctor for a week now. But, there are very few of them I like. Worse, it seems there are even fewer that I like enough to treat me.

I realize that there are only a few of you good folks that check in here everyday, but give me a few days to get over it.

I'll be back.

Mr Fixit
sniffle** Cough**


James said...

Get well soon, Mr. Fixit!

Ambulance Driver said...

Knowing the immune system of most medics, it's probably gotta be something pretty bad to get you down. Like Ebola.

My best advice is to share the wealth. Viruses peter out more quickly if you spread 'em to the entire firehouse. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sending {cyber}chicken soup, tea and sympathy. Feel better soon.