Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Cub

Savage cub that is. This little Savage is what my middle son owns. A few weeks ago, he attended his first 4-H meeting, and started in three-position small bore rifle shooting. He is a bit on the small side being just eleven. Several of the other Jr. shooters had their own guns. Some brought Anschutz rifles that they own. Several used the 4H clubs rifles, which also happened to be Savage target rifles. My son used on of the clubs rifles, because Dad didn't think to bring the Cub.

Son had a bit of trouble holding the full sized rifles with the bull barrel. It was just too heavy for him. His hooting showed it too. He was not as accurate as he normally is. Next time, we will take the Cub, for my cub to shoot.

The Cub is a single shot, bolt action .22 rim fire. It is only 33" overall, and weighs only a smidgen over 3 pounds. It has a target aperture rear and post front sights. It differs from some of the other youth single shot guns in that it cocks on closing the bolt. No need for pulling a cocking piece after cambering a round, just like a full size hunting rifle. It is perfect for a young (small) shooter to use for target practice, or for 4h shooting with the exception of the trigger pull which is about 10 or 12 pounds.

Was about 10 pounds.

Dad was not happy with the trigger. So I helped it. Just a little. The trigger itself will never be great, the design won't let it. However, I was able to trim the spring you have to pull against. I removed 2 coils, and reinserted it. The sear surface was not machined, it had only a bare finish on it. I used some 600 grit, and then 800 grit sand paper with a flat backing to smooth the engagement surface.

After all that, the trigger pull now is closer to 5 pounds. It not only feels lighter, but a bit smoother. That is all we can do with this particular weapon. The old silk purse and sows ear story is apt here.

I feel I must say that since we purchased his Cub, Savage has updated and added their Accu-Trigger to the new Cubs. Unfortunately, I am told they cannot be retro-fitted to the older Cubs.

Dang it! I guess we'll just have to buy another rifle in the near future. *giggle*
We're both sooo upset at the prospect.

Mr Fixit

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