Thursday, January 4, 2007


The New Year is upon us.
After limited success in the past, I have resolved to make no resolutions this year.

Dang, broke it already. C’est la vie. At least I had my black-eyed peas for luck.

I see that the New Year is also the time for predictions. At least Pat Robertson thinks so. Seems 'ol Pat says that there will be "mass killings" in the US, as a result of terrorist attacks. Possibly nuclear.

Hmmm, I don't really think we can consider what Mr. Robertson said a prediction. Why not you ask? Because he didn't come up with it on his own. No, according to Pat, G*d told him.

Now, I've talked to G*d. I've never had G*d talk back. In fact, from my (limited) knowledge of The Bible, G*d hasn't directly spoken to anybody in a few thousand years. As I understand it, based on Sunday School, Church sermons, reading The Bible, and one very interesting semester of college in "Philosophy of the Old Testament"; In the early days, G*d spoke with chosen people in order to pass on his instructions if you will. He spoke to the Prophets, Judges, and Kings. He spoke to Abraham, and Isaac. I've probably left a few out, but you get the idea.

About two thousand and seven years ago (give or take 30 or so years), G*d arrived on earth in the form of a man, Jesus. Jesus was in fact a man, and at the same time G*d. Part of the Holy Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Jesus taught, and explained very clearly what the rules were, and are. We don't have to wonder what the rules are. We don't have to wonder what would G*d say about this. It's written down in a book. The best selling book of all time. The Holy Bible. Pick it up sometime.

So I really question the whole "G*d told me so" thing. I don't know if Pat really believes what he's saying or not. If he does believe G*d is speaking to him, seems to me that maybe he might need to read and study his Bible a bit more.
Or maybe, Pat just says stuff like that in order to rally folks to follow him. In which case he would be lying (that is saying something he knows is untrue), in which case he needs to read and study his Bible a bit more.

I guess I just really hate people who think they are special (You know, G*d talks to me, but nobody else, neener neener neener), and the rest of us are not. Call it elitism if you will. What makes you think you are better than me or anybody else?

I've known and met some very special people. None of them would tell you they are special. Nor would any of them believe they were special. They were all quiet, unassuming folks, but very special nonetheless. I have also met some folks who claimed to be special, who demanded that I must respect their authoritah! They weren't, and I didn't.

I have found that those who demand respect rarely deserve it. Those who deserve respect, rarely have to ask for it.

Mr Fixit

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Ambulance Driver said...

Cheer up, Mr Fixit. If he isn't talking directly to you, at least he can't extort you for 8 million bucks like he did Oral Roberts.

Funny, the God they taught me about in Sunday School didn't sound like a sleazy loan shark...