Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Fun Show Today

I watched the doom and gloom weather predictions last night at the fire station. For North Texas, the predictions were dire; rain, freezing rain, freezing cold, sleet, ice accumulations, frozen overpasses, car wrecks, death & destruction.

This morning the “freeze line”, as the weather guessers called it, was somewhere between Ft. Worth and Dallas, in a southwest to northeast direction. The Big Town Gun show, at the Big Town Convention Center in Mesquite, was on the east side of Dallas. I wanted to go.

I came home and established that my wife had nothing I had to do today, showered, and loaded up the middle son. Of we went to Big Town.

Walking in the cold rain to the door, I couldn't wait to get in. I had the Texas AR with me, just for grins. See it here. I could smell the beef jerky…

Walking in we saw the air soft guns to the left. The boy had to go look. He has some, and they are fun. I like them too, only full autos I’ll ever afford. They had the AK, the M14, and the H&K G36. Lucky for me he already had received one for Christmas. After looking around and wishing, we moved on to the rest of the show.

Right off the bat, I received a few compliments on the Texas AR. Thanks for stroking my vanity.

I did get to see the ‘new’ Springfield XD .45 compact. I got to hold it and I gotta say I like it. My primary carry gun is a Glock 26, although I do have a Glock 19. The XD.45 compact is about the same size as the Glock 19, and holds 10 rounds of .45. I really like it. The Glock in .45 is just too big for me. The Springfield uses a metal magazine which allows it to be "thinner" than the Glock with its polymer and metal lined magazine. The Springfield felt good. I think I see one in my future.

I went to the show to find some AK magazines. I would have also liked to find some AK receivers. The AK mags were waaayyy overpriced for me, about double what I could get them elsewhere. I found no receivers. Oh well.

I did find an FN Browning Hi Power with Nazi proof marks. It had been in a fire (so the seller said) and was only about 10% finish. I thought long and hard about it. I just couldn't get over the finish and the fire. I passed on the $300 price. I still wonder if I did well, or missed a good deal.

I was able to see the Taurus single action "Peacemaker" copy's. They looked good. If I were in the market for a cowboy action pistol, I would look at them closely.

My son enjoyed the "ninja" stuff. At eleven, I can't fault him for wanting a "genuine ninja warrior" sword. He also enjoyed the game of "Do you have one of those Dad?". As we walked he would find a military rifle of some type and ask "Do you have one of those?". Some I did, some I didn't. It was fun.

We enjoyed our time there. I enjoyed sharing something I really like with one of my sons. We both enjoyed a greasy overpriced hamburger and fries. It really was a fun show.

Mr Fixit

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