Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Day Off

Saturday. Today is my regular shift to work, but I have a holiday today. I get to be off with my family. Well, some of them. The oldest son is working, the middle boy is at a Church contest. So today, the youngest and I are working on his Pinewood Derby Car.

The youngest boy is in the Tiger Cubs, the early version of the Cub Scouts. They will be having their Pinewood Derby in a few weeks.

Basically, you get a wood block with four tires and nails for axles. You are to cut to shape, and paint. You can win for best looking or for fastest. The Scout himself is supposed to do the work, although allowances are made for age.

As for my son, I cut the shape on the band saw. But all the other sanding and drilling has been done by him, with proper close (sometimes hands on) supervision by me.

He picked the shape, he picks the colors. He has done the sanding. He will do the final assembly on the wheels. He is seven years old, and can honestly say that (when we are done) he has done ninety percent of the work.

Of course dad has suggested that we true the wheels and axles, add the maximum allowable weight, and check the alignment. I have told him why we do these things, and shown him how to do them. He has agreed, and done the work as I have shown him.

I think he will do well this year. I know if he continues in cub scouts in the next few years, he will kick ass!

The very best part about all this is that he and I have worked on this together. He has had fun. He gets to brag to his friends that he got to use dads' drill press and sander. Dad gets to look proud and smile at his son's accomplishments.

Life is good.

Mr Fixit


Ambulance Driver said...

You bring back good memories, Fixit. My Dad set me loose to make my Derby car in his TV repair shop while he designed the track. He even set up an "electric eye" finish line system to determine the winning car - which was pretty neato back in the day.

Now I'll have to dig that old thing out. I miss the Old Man...

DW said...

your stories bring back a lot of memories that will probably end up over at dragon watch. I chose the format that AD and LawDog picked because, like you I liked it better than the other choices.
Would you mind if I link to your site?

Mr. Fixit said...

I wouldn't mind at all. I shall add a link as well

Mr Fixit