Monday, January 15, 2007

A Day At The Range

Having returned from the gun show, talk around the house was on what was seen at the show. My oldest was interested what we had bought (if anything), since he was forced by the realities of being a teenager to work on the weekend. Some discussion of the day’s sights and comments reminded me of a day at the shooting range.

It happened about 3 years ago, give or take a year. I had taken the both the oldest and the middle son to the range. As was my custom, I loaded up several rifles, pistols, and multiple ammo cans. I can usually arm at least a squad with rifles and ammo with what I take to the range.

This particular day, I had taken an AR and FAL, along with a couple of my Moisins, a Yugoslavian Mauser, and a K-31. For those who may not be familiar, all of the previously mentioned rifles were issued to soldiers in at least one country at some time. This is however, only a few of the surplus rifles from around the world I own. Don't even get me started on the rifles built from demilled parts kits.

Upon arrival, we signed in, made sure the range was cold and marked, and proceeded to unload the weapons and ammo. I was amused to overhear a conversation between my (then) eight year old, and his fifteen year old brother:

8yo: To older brother: "What are you gonna shoot first?"
15yo: "I want to shoot dads pistol. What are you gonna shoot?"
8yo: "I want to shoot dad's army gun."
15yo: "Which one?"
8yo: "The black one, duh."
15yo: "Which one?"
8yo: Sarcastically- "How many does he have?"
15yo: Very serious- "Who knows"

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