Saturday, December 30, 2006

There We Were

It was quiet. We had been in place for about 3 minutes. My partner had the Remington 700
bolt -action. He was the shooter. He had used the same rifle not to long ago to drop a varmint in his tracks. I was the spotter. I carried a rifle and the binoculars.

We had walked in to the observation post. Walked through the mud and water. We settled into the OP and into wet seats. I put down a jacket to sit own, I hate being wet and cold. My partner decided to just sit and get wet. We watched the tree-line about 150 yards ahead. Time slowed, we waited.

After a while in wet seats, and cold wind, my partner turned to me a said "Dad, I'm cold. Can we go home?"
He's eleven. A few weeks ago we were here, in this same place, when he shot a wild hog.
I told him that it was prime time to see a deer, which was what we were after. He really enjoys hunting with me. This is the first year he has been a shooter.
"I'm cold."
"We might not be able to get back here again before the season ends." I told him.
"I don't care, I'm cold. Let's go."

We left and came home. He had fun. He left when he was ready. I had a great time just being there with him, and knowing he was having fun.

That's what it's about folks. It's not about shooting a trophy animal. It's not about shooting. It's about being outside, in the woods, with people who enjoy it. It's about showing a boy that time with him is important to you. It's about sharing time, making memories.

It was great.

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Ambulance Driver said...

Gotta love that, Mr. Fixit. I was blessed with a little girl, but luckily she's fond of Camo and playing outside with Daddy. Another couple of years and she'll be out there on the deer stand with me.