Monday, December 25, 2006

The Shop is open

Merry Christmas!

I suppose I have entered "Blog World". Having read quite a bit over on the LawDog Files, and several others, I decided to write a bit too. Keep in mind though, I'm no writer. I'm just a guy with a few thoughts and opinions, who doesn't mind sharing them.

Who am I? A husband and father. As I type, my boys are playing with Christmas gifts. The "fun and excitement" is over for this year in our house. Now they are getting to play. And I, while watching and refereeing a squabble or two, have little to do but think out loud (OK, type in silence).

Who am I? Some might judge me by my profession. I am a firefighter and paramedic in the Dallas Metroplex. Have been for almost 15 years. Love it! Best job in the world in my opinion, though sometimes...sometimes it really bites. Maybe I'll post more on that sometime.

Who am I? When off duty, I do a lot of "projects" around the house. Some for me, some for my wife, a very few for others. We (my wife and I) are almost through with the kitchen remodel. Had to take a break for the Holidays. So far I have replaced the cabinets, installed a tile counter top and new appliances. Just need to finish a few small things and do the trim work. Then at some point, a new floor. Just need to finish, always the hardest part.

Who am I? I'm a gun guy. I've been around guns and shooting all my life. Love hunting, shooting and collecting firearms. I believe everyone has the right to own firearms, of any type, and should be allowed to carry them. I love working on guns too. Have built a few rifles from "parts kits" as well.

What else? There's lots more. For now, I just wanted to say hello, and welcome to my Blog. I will post a note or two as I get a chance.
Come back and see me.

Mr Fixit

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