Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm being followed

My oldest son is trying very hard not to become just like me. It's OK, I understand. It's not cool to be like Dad when your a teenager. Unfortunately for him, my influence is like a black hole from which he cannot escape.

Having just turned eighteen, he has turned in his application to join the local Volunteer Fire Department. I am on said department. He says he wants to join, and later try to get a job as a firefighter. (just like dad he didn't add) I encourage him. I am so proud. It is something every parent and, I think every father especially, wants to hear; That his teenager want to get a job. The where and doing what are much less important.

I think he likes the thought of having time off. He'll find out about the late nights and all nighters soon enough. He wants to do it 'cause it's exciting. Oh boy is it! Not many things more exciting than having to explain to your wife why you left her alone with your family at Thanksgiving Dinner, so you could go to an emergency. And the benefits, don't forget those; The cool t-shirts (all of them blue), and caps from around the country.

I hope he gets accepted. I really hope he gets a job. Then, one day when the time is right, I can tell him he is JUST LIKE ME and watch as his universe collapses into a dark black singularity.

It's the little things.

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