Sunday, December 31, 2006

I Have the Power

I have the power. Well, I make the power, actually I make the fuel that produces the power. OK, I only produce part of it.

I make bio diesel. Yes, I make it at home. I'm not talking about blending diesel with any kind of secret mothballs, or adding engine oil and transmission fluid to diesel fuel. I have a processor, which takes vegetable oil from restaurants (olive, corn oil, etc.), heats it, adds specific quantities of methanol and potassium hydroxide, and produces bio diesel. The process is called Transesterification. I found out how, and you can too, over on

Why make bio diesel you ask? Why not? It burns cleaner than regular diesel, so it is better for the environment. It lubricates the motor better than diesel fuel, thus producing less wear and longer lifespan of engine components. And best of all, it cost less to make it than to buy regular diesel.

Does this make me a "tree hugger"? No.
It just makes sense.

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